Shedding Light to iOS

Very quick post this one! My latest review for is up!

ShardLight, a popular PC indie adventure title in the style of click and find titles such as Monkey Island has been ported from PC to iOS. I’ve reviewed the port.

The score and thoughts lie within this link…

Lets Get Reviewing!

So,  I don’t blog very often, which I’m trying to change.

Even back when I did blog, I rarely did reviews, which is something else I’m looking at changing.

So how am I going to do this?

Although I helped create I’ve very rarely posted on there these past few years. I keep starting projects but not finishing them. Why is that…I keep wondering to myself… Continue reading Lets Get Reviewing!

Happy New Year!

Well, when did that happen!? Hello 2017!

Time certainly flies when your having fun! Did everyone have a fantastic Christmas and New Year? I for one did. Lots of time for friends and family, even had time for some gaming!

With mince pies consumed, the coming and going of Christmas decorations, bottles popped…it’s time to look forward to a positive and proactive year. But first, a quick word on a couple of games I’ve been really enjoying. Overwatch and Pokemon Sun. Continue reading Happy New Year!

To Catch a Caterpie

So it’s here and it has successfully taken over social media.

Everywhere you look the internet is currently awash of Pokemon GO. Your either playing it, hating on it, laughing at people enjoying it or trying to scare folks anywhere from it…every which was it certainly is making an impression on households up and down and the country.

Even people I’ve never spoken to about games are talking about it.

So is it a good thing, or a bad thing? Lets look at some pros and cons quickly: Continue reading To Catch a Caterpie